I use (quasi) experiments to study elections and democracy, and on how voters and parties react (and proact !) to democratic institutions. I also sometimes try to to contribute to methodological debates about the use of surveys and experiments in the social sciences.

I've published 40 papers on the topic. Below is a selection of the 10 papers that I like the most and that are the most representative of my research interests. For a complete list of publications, see here.


(2023) Choosing an Electoral Rule: Values and Self-Interest in the Lab. [Online Appendix]

Journal of Economic Psychology 95: 102602 (with André Blais, Maxime Coulombe, Jean-François Laslier, and Jean-Benoit Pilet).

(2022) Does the Number of Candidates Increase Turnout? Causal Evidence From Two-Round Elections. [Online Appendix]

Political Behavior 44(4): 2005–2026 (with Ria Ivandic).

(2022) Public Support for Citizens' Assemblies Selected through Sortition: Evidence from 15 Countries.

European Journal of Political Research, First View (with Jean-Benoit Pilet, Davide Vittori, and Emilien Paulis).

(2021) The Effect of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Political Support: Some Good News for Democracy? [Online Appendix]

European Journal of Political Research 60(2): 497–505 (with Marco Giani, André Blais, and Peter John Loewen).

(2021) Estimating Humanity’s Attitudes About Democracy and Political Leaders: Patterns and Trends. [Online Appendix]

Public Opinion Quarterly 85(4): 957–986 (with Christopher J. Anderson, and Aurelia Ananda).

(2019) Putting Politics in the Lab: A Review of Lab Experiments in Political Science.

Government and Opposition 54(1): 167–190.

(2019) Electoral Rules, Strategic Entry, and Polarization. [Online Appendix]

Journal of Public Economics 178: 104065 (with Konstantinos Matakos, Orestis Troumpounis, and Dimitrios Xefteris).

(2018) Which Matters Most: Party Strategic Exit or Voter Strategic Voting? A Laboratory Experiment. [Online Appendix]

Political Science Research and Methods 6(2): 229–244 (with André Blais, and Simon Labbé St-Vincent).

(2016) Addressing Europe’s Democratic Deficit: An Experimental Evaluation of the Pan-European District Proposal. [Online Appendix]

European Union Politics 17(4):  525–545 (with Philipp Harfst, André Blais, Sona Golder, et al).

(2016) Still Lost in Translation! A Correction of three Misunderstandings Between Configurational Comparativists and Regressional Analysts.

Comparative Political Studies 49(6): 742–774 (with Alrik Thiem, and Michael Baumgartner).